About Us
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SentryCom provides proactive solution for ID fraud, that
adequately responds to present Cyber Security threats .
Traditional IT security means like Anti-Virus or other defenses
- fail to prevent from malware to infest our computers.  
Competitive products fail to operate in infested
environment, are inconvenient to use and too costly.
Our Core Technologies are :
•        Scalable risk-dependent, strong , out-of-band
authentication including proprietary 2-factors, live 2 factors
and 3-factors. Third factor including patented Live Voice
•        CryptoBiometrics™ is novel and patented binding of
Crypto and Biometrics technologies: biometrics is not a
secret and crypto keys are difficult to manage. By binding
crypto and biometrics we will be able to overcome those

SentryCom addresses the need for Critical Data Protection
assurance. SentryCom has developed a number of  solutions  
for Banking, Health Care, Insurance, E-Gov, E-Commerce
verticals as well as cross-industry Extended Enterprises.
SentryCom solutions provide Secure Remote Domain Access,
Web Portal Access, Secure File Protection , including Cloud
Privacy , Digital Signature, Online Transaction Verification,
Person-to-Person Transaction etc. All these are operable
across the Internet, irrespective to Enterprise boundaries,
thus providing Multi-Enterprise Security Gateway.